Instructions for starting an RSS feed

1) Set up the search (this step is different depending on the search provider)

  • For most databases (such as PsycInfo), start by searching for something of interest (eg. chimps AND social).
Once you have your results, look for a little orange icon that says RSS on it. If you can't find it, look for a link that says something about alerts or saving your search.
Now, you need the xml address for the feed, usually accessible by pressing an "xml" button, but sometimes you have to apply your wits to find it (it's different for each site).
Copy the xml address.

  • For Web of Science (doesn't work for the broader Web of Knowledge) start by setting up a user name and password and then make sure you're signed in.
Next, enter your search
Click on "search history"
Click "save history/ create alert"
Enter a history name and description and click Save
On the next screen, click the orange XML button, and copy the xml address

2) Add RSS feed to this site

  • Make sure you're signed into this wiki
Go to the page you want to imbue with an RSS feed
Click on "edit" (if you can't edit it, email Joseph at and he will give you access)
Once you're on the edit interface, click on the widget button, click on RSS Feed, and design the particulars of your RSS feed to suit your fancy.

Happy Searching!
- Joseph